Classic Manicure $20

This service combine the technique of massaging, moisturizing & specialized cuticle maintenance in order to promote healthy nature nails. It also includes cuticle treatment, relaxing hand massage, polish of your choice.

Milk & Honey Manicure $30

This combo consists of ingredients that exfoliate or loosen dead skin cells & dryness. Leaving you fresh & glow skin. Honey keeps the moisture on your skin & reducing the effects of skin age & keeping the skin looking smooth soft, young & healthy.

Men’s Manicure $23

A great handshake is the first step to success.The treatment induced nail care, a hand arm massage & a buffing finish in your choice of flat, matte or high gloss


* additional remover +$5

Gel shellac $35

French Gel $40

French Dipping $55

Dipping Powder $45


Acrylic Set  $40 & up

Acrylic Fill $30 & up

White/American Tip Set $50 & up

Solar Pink & White Set $60 & up

Pink & White Ombré Set $60 & up

Pink Ombré Fill +$40 & up

Pink Fill +$35 & up

Color Powder Set +$55 & up

Individualized SERVICE CHARGES

Nail Repair (each) $5 & up

Nail Art $5 & up

Nail Removal $15

Create Nails Shape +$5

Extra Long Nails +$5 & up

Polish Change Hand $12

Polish Change Feet $15

Polish Change Gel Hand $20

Polish Change Gel Feet $25

With French +$5

Shellac Gel (For Manicure) +$15


Spa Pedicure $35

This service includes nail care, cuticle details, sugar scrub, hot towel wrap, lotion massage & finish nail polish of your choice.

Callus Treatment Pedicure $45

For those who suffer from dry, chapped feet and calluses this treatment is for you. The callus softening serum used with our pumice buffer removes touch, dead skin. This intense callus removal technique leaves feet renewed and soft. This therapy session is completed with a paraffin dip to seal in the moisture.

Candy Cube Pedicure $50

Pamper yourself with our individually Candy Cube Pedicure. Enjoy the fragrant fizz as it releases moisturizing oils and natural deodorizer that detoxifies and soothes tired feet. Candy Cube is excellent at removing dull flaky skin with its delicate blend of salt & sugar crystals that dissolve completely to leave behind lotion soothed, softened skin.

Pearl Pedicure $60

Pearl Powder is a beauty and health secret. This is believed by some to be good for bone development, and to promote healthy lustrous skin. Pearl powder keeps skin clear & smooth, leaving it with a sheer radiant glow & contains proteins which can help renew skin cells. Paraffin wax included.

Organic Rejuvenate Pedicure $65

On your feet all day? Relax your feet and toes with our luxury Organic Rejuvenate Pedicure. This Pedicure will help relieve muscle & joint pain, stress, aches and headache with all natural ingredients will helps remove toxins, impurities & harmful substances with your skin. Healing Herbal Booties melt away pain, Increase blood circulation & promote relaxation to your feet & toes. A formulated Collagen Mask & Cream will provide deep moisturization to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. It promotes soft skin for a more youthful, radiant & healthy glow. Hot stone massage will increase blood circulation & penetrate collagen deeper into your skin. Topped off with hot towels.

Shellac Gel (For Pedicure) +$20


Manicure $15

Pedicure $25

Combo $35

Polish Change Manicure $8

Polish Change Pedicure $10


Lip $10

Chin $12

Eye Brows $15

Side Burn $15

Full Face $45

Under Arm $30 & up

Half Arms $35 & up

Full Arms $50 & up

Half Legs $50 & up

Full Legs $65 & up

Back $55 & up

Chest $50 & up

Bikini $40 & up

Brazilian $70 & up


Classic (Full set/ Fill In)$135 / $

Volume (Full set/ Fill In) $165 / $


Massage $70/hour


Henna Brows $45

(include shaping, waxing)

Lash Botox $55

Virgin Ombré Brows $450

(First touch up after 2-3 months $100)

Correction Brows $550

(First touch up after 2-3 months $100)